Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daylight Savings - Change The Clocks On Your Cameras

Time Record - Stallion Springs, California
Last night at two in the morning Daylight Savings Time began here in America, and we "sprung forward" an hour. Most clocks in your house automatically adjust themselves to the correct time, but most clocks inside of cameras do not. Be sure to check your cameras and make sure they show the accurate time. Otherwise, three months from now you will realize that your photographs are time-stamped wrong.

Today and tomorrow are the two days you are most likely to have a heart attack. Yikes! You are also more likely to be ill from fatigue from your circadian clock being messed with.

All so we can make-believe that it is an hour later than it actually is. Time doesn't really change, we just all pretend that it does. It is literally insanity, and we are all willing participants in it.

And why? For money. Tourists' money, to be exact. And taxes on that money.

You see, tourists will spend more money during the "extra" hour of daylight in the evening. Studies have shown that it makes a difference in how much money travelers will part with. So Daylight Savings is a trick to get people to open up their wallets. And the more that's spent the more taxes are collected.

You may have heard that Daylight Savings is about the environment, and there are people who believe that's true. But it isn't logical. And, no surprise, the facts don't support it. There is no environmental impact from adjusting the time in the summer.

You may have also heard that Daylight Savings is for the farmers. Actually, agriculture was one of the early critics of it. But, like everyone else, they just got used to it and don't really care now.

No, this whole time dance is simply so that you'll spend a little more money on your vacations. And if everyone spends just a little more, that adds up to big money and lots of taxes on that money.

It seems pretty ridiculous. It's hard to believe that we actually do this crazy thing. And it makes you wonder what other nonsense we partake in that we're completely oblivious to. 

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