Friday, March 11, 2016

Home Buying Worries & Positive Signs

No Problems - Bakersfield, California
I've mentioned several times now that I'm moving to Utah in May. It's coming up pretty fast. I'm in the process of buying a home.

I've only been in Utah a couple of times before. I'm very much a stranger to the place. I don't know my way around real well. I've only once been in the town where the house is that I'm buying.

There is a lot to worry about. Is it the right house? The right neighborhood? The right town? A lot of "what if's" too. What if I don't like it? What if the sale falls through? What if the sellers didn't take good care of it and it has a lot of problems?

Yesterday my family and I ate at an Asian restaurant in Bakersfield, California. In my wife's fortune cookie was the message, "You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first." In my fortune cookie was printed, "You will have no problems in your home."

These chance words were very encouraging. I have no idea if they really mean anything. It could be simple luck that we received them. Coincidence. But it seems like a little too coincidental.

Only time will tell if everything works out like our desserts told us it would. I'm hopeful. I think the house that I'm buying is going to be a great home for my family and I. It will be a good home base for photography adventures. And I might even be able to put in a darkroom.

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  1. Always trust the fortune cookie. We had a similar move and it took me a year before I got comfortable in the new surroundings. Just take things slow and don't get overwhelmed. Of course you will feel homesick but these feelings will be replaced with new ones as your love for your new location slowly begins to settle in around you.

    Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate