Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet the Roesch Family

The Family - Yosemite National Park, California 
I realized today that over the five years that I've been doing the Roesch Photography Blog, I've never introduced my wonderful family to you. I've shared with you photographs of them and stories about them, but never made a formal introduction.

You may be family or old friends and know us well, but many of the readers of this blog are complete strangers--I don't know you and you don't know me. But because of what I've shared, you may feel like you do know me, at least a little. Maybe you've wondered about my family--you've seen their faces many times.

Let me take a few moments and tell you about us, the Roesch family! This is our story.
Roesch Family Waiting To Board - Fish Camp, California
Family At Disneyland - Anaheim, California
Plaid Tidings We Bring - Tehachapi, California

Ritchie - Montana de Oro State Park, California
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.
I'll start with me, since this is my photography blog. I was born in California, but my dad was in the Navy, so we moved frequently. I spent two years in college in Texas studying (among other things) photography. I found myself getting deeper and deeper in debt and still a long ways off from finishing school. So I did something drastic and joined the Air Force.

The U.S.A.F. sent me to Luke Air Force Base outside of Phoenix, Arizona. I began a career in aviation safety. In what was really a chance encounter, I met my wife just a few months after reporting for duty in The Grand Canyon State. We fell in love pretty quickly and were soon married.

I left the military after four years. That led to different jobs and moves. I spent time on Nebraska, Texas, a couple of places in Arizona, then to Tehachapi, California, where I currently live. In May I'll be moving to Utah.

I've been photographing for almost two decades. I've yet to make a full-time career out of it, but I believe my opportunity will some day come. I've just got to keep pressing forward, keep improving, and be as creative as I can.
Yo! - Perris, California
Photograph by Joy Roesch.
Father & Daughter On A Train - Perris, California
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.
Minolta Man - Tehachapi, California
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.

Amanda - Montana de Oro State Park, California
My lovely wife, Amanda, and I have been married for 14 years. We met, dated and were married in about seven months. It was quick! But we knew that we wanted to spend our lives together. We felt like we were meant for each other.

Amanda grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevada range in central California. We are so different from each other, yet have tons of little (often unusual) things and experiences in common. Our differences are often complimentary.

She is funny and witty and a joy to be around. She is incredibly observant. She is full of great ideas. She's crafty (the positive definition of the word, not the negative). She always gives 100%. She's tough. Her smile will melt your heart. She has a true gift for caring for children, and our kids are blessed to have her as their mom. I'm blessed to have her as my wife.

We've had many great adventures together and I look forward to the many great adventures we have waiting for us ahead.
Selfie - Pasadena, California
Mom & Son Riding The Rails - Fish Camp, California
Amanda & Ritchie - Carlsbad, California

The Kids
Incoming Wave - Carlsbad, California
We have three young children: one girl and two boys. Like most kids, they're loud and rambunctious. They play well together and fight together. They are kind to each other and sometimes not. They have adventures. They love each other.

The two oldest children are almost two years apart, but they're similar in size. We often get asked if they're twins. Because of where their birthdays fall they are only one school grade apart. The littlest wants so much to be just like his older siblings.

Having three young kids is a lot of work. It's sometimes frustrating and tiring and stressful. But we are so fortunate and thankful to have these three little ones to love and care for and raise. Watching them grow is such a blessing!
Rushing - Carlsbad, California
Two Brothers - Perris, California
Brother & Sister - Stallion Springs, California

Today's Girl Photographer - Barstow, California
Joy is our oldest, born in Arizona in 2007. She is smart and determined. If there is something that she wants to accomplish, she will figure it out on her own. She taught herself how to tie knots when she was little. She taught herself how to ride a bike. She will succeed whether someone helps her or not. She makes friends everywhere she goes.

She picks up on things quickly. You usually only have to show her how to do something once--that is, if she's not daydreaming. She can get lost in her own little world.

She loves horses, and one day wants her own a horse. She is good with animals, though highly afraid of bugs. She likes photography (I let her borrow a camera sometimes) and she even post-processes her own photographs. She's beginning to get into clothes and fashion.
Lonesome Rider - Tehachapi, California
Joyous Girl - Tehachapi, California
Excited Girl In The Forest - Yosemite National Park, California

Jonathan At The Beach - Carlsbad, California
Next is Jonathan, born in Arizona in 2009. He's creative, funny, witty and goofy, yet very shy. He is curious. He's good at drawing. He's emotionally sensitive but has a very hard time expressing that. He's got a heart of gold.

Jon is really into transportation--trains, cars, trucks, planes, anything that's mechanical and moves. But especially trains, including real trains, toy trains and model trains. He also likes sea life, particularly crabs for some reason.

He loves riding scooters and bikes and playing at the park. He enjoys digging in the dirt, looking for bugs and worms and snails and such. Him and his little brother love to wrestle each other.
Dusk Boy - Stallion Springs, California
Jon At The Park - Fruit Heights, Utah
Boy, Thinking - Yosemite National Park, California

Eating Denim - Tehachapi, California
The most recent addition to our family is Joshua, born in California in 2013, just before Christmas. He's very determined like his sister, but he's also mischievous (like many two-year-olds). He likes to climb and jump and wrestle, and is a bit of a thrill-seeker. He likes rock-and-roll. And trains. And playing ball.

He likes to help around the house. He helps with laundry. He sweeps the floors. He's also quite messy, and it doesn't take him long to destroy a room--you can always tell when he's been in a room.

Josh is rough, but he's also kind and sweet. He loves to give kisses, and he'll tell you sorry when he's done something wrong. Whatever his older brother and sister are doing, that's what he wants to do, too--he wants to be just like them.
Hello Ma'am - Corona Del Mar, California
Joshua Observing - Salt Lake City, Utah
Little Boy - Yosemite National Park, California
That's my family, the Roesch family! These are the people you see on this blog regularly. It's nice to meet you! I hope the feeling is mutual. Thanks for taking part in this little journey into my world.

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