Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Photograph When You Don't Feel Like It

Powerful Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
I sat down to write today's post on the Roesch Photography Blog, and I had no idea what to write about. I drew a blank. I was out of ideas.

I like to publish at least five posts per week if I can. Sometimes I have a lot going on or I'm traveling and I cannot reach that goal. But most weeks I do publish a handful of posts.

Sometimes it's difficult to come up with good ideas. Sometimes I feel that I'm posting nonsense. Sometimes I feel like I have writer's block.

What I've discovered, however, is that once I begin writing the ideas start coming. Often a good post begins with a blank screen and no good ideas. I just begin rambling and eventually I have typed something worth reading.

You don't always need a clear direction when you start typing blog posts. Often the simple act of writing will dislodge good ideas.

It's the same for photography. You just need to grab your camera and start capturing. You may not have any ideas when you begin. You may feel like you are stuck. You may feel uninspired. My experience has been that once you start the ideas begin to form.

The simple act of pressing the shutter release button gets the rusty gears turning in your mind. Your creativity begins to kick in. You begin to have vision.

This is why you should photograph even when you don't feel like it. After forcing yourself to use your camera you'll find that you all of a sudden do feel like photographing. And you may even capture some good pictures.

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