Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If A Camera Was A Person...

You've got to check out this video:

It imagines what cameras would be like if they were people. It pokes fun at DSLRs and then advertises the Sony RX100 IV (which is almost the same camera as the Sony RX100 II that I use). I don't believe this is a real Sony ad, but perhaps a student project.

Having used DSLRs and small cameras, my preference is definitely small cameras. For most people and most purposes, small cameras do everything that you need a camera to do and they produce image quality that is at a minimum acceptable (and sometimes well beyond that).

The problem with DSLRs is that they are too big and bulky. They're uncomfortable, and sometimes awkward in their chunkiness. They take up a lot of space. And they can be a pain to have on you. The video illustrates that quite well.

If you have a few minutes you should watch the video, it's definitely entertaining!

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