Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jon's Train Pictures - Photographs By A Six Year Old Boy

Boy Waiting To Board - Fish Camp, California
Last year I published If You Give Your Kids A Camera showing photographs captured by my (then) seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. Whenever I allow them to use one of my cameras I'm always inspired by the results. They are so creative and look at the world completely different than I do.

A couple of days ago I had some one-on-one time with my six-year-old son, Jonathan, and as part of that I took him to the local historic train depot in Tehachapi, California, to see trains. A busy mainline passes this spot and it's a good place to watch the railroad action.

I let Jon borrow my Sony RX100 II camera. I gave him a quick how-to tutorial, but kept the camera in auto mode so he wouldn't have to do anything except compose the picture and push the shutter release button.

We only saw one train go by. Apparently the track was being worked on, so traffic was particularly light on that day. However, Jon made plenty of exposures of that one train.

Jon post-processed the images using Alien Skin Exposure 7. I showed him how to use the software and tried to keep it simple for him. He struggled a little at first, but after a few photographs he got the hang of it and was on his own. He even named the images himself.

Below are 10 photographs that Jon created of our railroad adventure.
At The Station - Tehachapi, California
TTX - Tehachapi, California
BN - Tehachapi, California
RoadRail - Tehachapi, California
Toy Train - Tehachapi, California
Trailer On A Train - Tehachapi, California
Train Rocks The Rail - Tehachapi, California
Red A - Tehachapi, California
Morning Train - Tehachapi, California
End of Train - Tehachapi, California

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