Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Railroad Photography

Orange Engines - Tehachapi, California
I live in Tehachapi, California (at least for a couple more weeks) and if there is one thing this place is known for it is railroading. Many trains pass through this area. It's a great place to see railroads in action. And photographers have been capturing trains here for over a century.

It's no surprise that one subject I come to over and over again is railroad photography. I see trains all of the time (probably daily) and so I photograph them frequently. I don't usually set out to photograph trains, but if I encounter one and have a camera handy, I might capture a few exposures.

In this post are photos that I've recently captured of the local railroad action. I used a Sony RX100 II for some images and a Panasonic Limix ZS40 for some others. The gear that I used doesn't really matter, other than I likely wouldn't have created any of these if not for having a pocketable camera.

Interestingly enough, where I'm moving to in Utah is also an area know for trains. So even after I move you can expect to see railroads regularly as a photographic subject.
Invisible Waves Above - Rosamond, California
BNSF 5773 - Tehachapi, California
Freight Train In The Desert - Mojave, California
Riding A Tank Car - Mojave, California
Cars In The Desert - Mojave, California
Spinning Wheel - Tehachapi, California
Union Pacific 2615 - Tehachapi, California
Following U.P. 8915
Union Pacific 8020 - Mojave, California
Curving Containers - Tehachapi, California
Fast Wheel - Palmdale, California
The Last Car - Tehachapi, California

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