Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Move To Utah With A Camera In My Hand - Part 1: California To Arizona

Small Red Berries - Redlands, California
If you've been following the Roesch Photography Blog you know already that I've moved from California to Utah. I'm now unpacking boxes and moving furniture and otherwise settling in to my new home in South Weber, just north of Salt Lake City. The views from my house are spectacular!

Along this journey I've had a camera in my hand (or my pocket when not actively photographing). I kept my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 with me the entire trip, capturing the ever-changing scenery. I did not make many stops (other than food, gas, and occasional visits with friends and family along the route), so some of these images were captured out of the car window while travelling down a highway or freeway--one hand on the wheel, the other on the camera.

I typically wait several months to post-process my images, but I wanted to get these ones out a little quicker. I captured them using JPEG format (instead of RAW, like I normally would with this camera), and kept the editing to a minimum (mostly making the images look more film-like). Even though I used a small-sensor camera, it did a pretty good job overall.

The photographs in this post were captured between Tehachapi, California and (my first intermediate destination) Surprise, Arizona, on May 7th. We took the long way to Utah so that we could visit my grandma in Sun City. It made the trip much longer, but we hadn't seen her in some time so we made it a priority.

The images are in chronological order. Enjoy! 
Pipe Dream - Redlands, California
The Center of The Desert - Desert Center, California
Storm Over The Desert Mountains - Palo Verde, Arizona
Gas Station Architecture #1 - Buckeye, Arizona
Gas Station Architecture #2 - Buckeye, Arizona
Interstate Bicyclist - Buckeye, Arizona
Large Saguaro - Litchfield Park, Arizona
Blooming Saguaro - Litchfield Park, Arizona
Saguaro In Bloom - Litchfield Park, Arizona

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