Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Move To Utah With A Camera In My Hand - Part 2: A Day In Arizona

Cactus Thorns - Surprise, Arizona

We drove the long way to Utah, detouring through Phoenix, Arizona, so that we could visit my grandma in Sun City West. We hadn't seen her in awhile, and we knew that it would be even more difficult to visit after our move, so this stop was important.

We also visited other family members while in town, seeing different aunts and uncles. My parents happened to be there visiting during this time, so we saw them. My sister-in-law lives in Phoenix, so we met up with her, too. A lot of family in a short time. We only had one full day.
Palm & Building Storm - Surprise, Arizona
I had my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 with me in my pocket the whole day. It's a good camera to carry around with me all day because it's small and lightweight and doesn't get in the way, yet produces decent image quality. You probably wouldn't know that these images weren't from a DSLR if I hadn't told you.

Normally I would have captured in RAW with this camera, but, because I knew that I'd be very busy for several weeks (and I wanted to get these pictures on the Roesch Photography Blog as quick as I could), I captured them as JPEGs. This speeds up post-processing because 1) the software runs quicker with JPEGs than RAW and 2) the amount of editing required is significantly less. Because I'm still unpacking and moving furniture and painting walls and such, I don't have much time to sit in front of computer editing pictures. I gave the images a quick treatment to make them look more film-like.

All of these photographs were captured while visiting or driving around or at the store, etc. I didn't go on any photo excursions or anything like that. This day wasn't about photography, yet, because I had a camera with me, I captured a number of interesting images.
Palo Verde In Spring - Surprise, Arizona
Red Yucca Blossom - Surprise, Arizona
Red Fairy Duster - Sun City West, Arizona
Flower Cluster - Sun City West, Arizona
Pollen - Sun City West, Arizona
The Cactus Blossom - Sun City West, Arizona
Cloud Reflection Cross-Processed - Sun City West, Arizona
Little Bird On The Palm Circle - Sun City West, Arizona
Saguaro Blooming - Sun City West, Arizona
Saguaro Flower - Sun City West, Arizona
Bee & Saguaro Flower - Sun City West, Arizona
Saguaro & Building Storm - Sun City West, Arizona
Cactus Hotel - Sun City West, Arizona
Reach For The Sky - Sun City West, Arizona
Dark Saguaro - Sun City West, Arizona
Saguaro Cactus - Sun City West, Arizona
Small Rainbow In The Stormy Sky - Sun City West, Arizona
Sun Power - Sun City West, Arizona
Palm Design - Sun City West, Arizona
Grandma Using An iPad - Sun City West, Arizona
Squares - Phoenix, Arizona
The Long Hall - Phoenix, Arizona
Apartment Architecture #1 - Phoenix, Arizona
Apartment Architecture #2 - Phoenix, Arizona
Palm Branches & Moon - Phoenix, Arizona

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