Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Move To Utah With A Camera In Hand - Part 3: Arizona To Utah

Northbound On Interstate 17 - Flagstaff, Utah

This update is long overdue. I've been in Utah for a little while now. So let me get right to this.

After saying goodbye to family, we left Phoenix in the morning and found ourselves in Flagstaff for lunch. After that we headed north on U.S. Highway 89. This was the first time that either of us had ever traveled this route.

The pine trees quickly gave way to a more desolate landscape. Vegetation became almost as scarce as the population. This is a vast and lonely place. Yet it is extraordinary beautiful, with interesting features and subtle surprises.
San Francisco Peaks - Flagstaff, Arizona
We didn't make many stops. Most of the photographs in this post were captured while driving--one hand on the wheel and the other on the camera. We were moving, not vacationing.

One stop we did make was at Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon. This is near Lee's Ferry. This site is worth stopping if you ever find yourself in the area. It's like a small Grand Canyon that you can walk out over.

We arrived at our hotel in Cedar City, Utah, just as the sun dipped below the horizon. This was a long day of driving. I would have loved to have stopped more often for picture-taking, but that would have made this day even longer.

All of these photographs were captured using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 as JPEGs. Why? Because I needed an easy travel camera for quick snaps. Because I knew I wouldn't have time to edit RAW files. This camera did just what I needed it to.
Shadow Stripes - Flagstaff, Arizona
Driving North On Highway 89 - Flagstaff, Arizona
Mountains In The Mirror - Flagstaff, Arizona
View On A Lonely Drive - Flagstaff, Arizona
Dry Grass Hill - Flagstaff, Arizona
Northbound On U.S. 89 - Flagstaff, Arizona
Sign & Cows - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Cows & Distant Desert Mountains - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Fence & Distant Desert Mountains - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Love Mountain Life - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Trading Post - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Old Gas Station Ceiling - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Anasazi Inn - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Regular Unleaded Pool - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Thrift Way - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Yellow Mop Bucket - Gray Mountain, Arizona
Highway 89A - Bitter Springs, Arizona
Monochrome Desert Mountains - Bitter Springs, Arizona
Navajo Bridge Over Marble Canyon - Marble Canyon, Arizona
Cliff & Cloud - Marble Canyon, Arizona
Mountains, Cliffs & Canyon - Marble Canyon, Arizona
Colorado River & Red Cliff - Marble Canyon, Arizona
Red Hills - Marble Canyon, Arizona
House Rocks - Marble Canyon, Arizona
Monochrome Hills - Kaibab, Arizona
Cliffs Behind Trees - Colorado City, Arizona
Orange Hill - Hurricane, Utah
Check back soon for the final installment!

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