Monday, June 13, 2016

Street Photography - Ogden, Utah

Kokomo - Ogden, Utah
I recently had the opportunity to do a little street photography in Ogden, Utah. I don't always venture into this genre, but more and more I find it enjoyable and rewarding. I think where I live now (in Utah, no longer in California) offers more easy access for me to do street photography, so I may be doing more of it in the future.

For those who may not know, street photography is capturing images on the streets of cities and towns. A simple definition is photography that features the human condition in public places. It doesn't always have to include people in the frame, although it often does.

These images were captured using my new LG G4 cell phone. I post-processed the RAW files on the phone using Snapseed, a free photo editing app by Google. In reality, the only gear you need to capture great images is a good cell phone camera and a good app, and if you can't afford a DSLR that's not a big deal.
Washington Boulevard - Ogden, Utah
Looking For An Idea - Ogden, Utah
25th Street - Ogden, Utah

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