Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Monochrome Railroad

Slow Train Coming - Promontory Summit, Utah
I've captured railroad photographs many times before. It's not my main photography genre, but it is one of the subjects that I find myself coming back to often.

I've visited a couple places in Utah since moving here that have allowed me to capture classic railroad images in black-and-white. One is the historic Ogden Union Station, which has a number of old locomotives and train cars on static display. The other is the Golden Spike National Historic Site, which does a reenactment of the completion of the first transcontinental railroad one day per week in the summer.

Places like these allow you to create images that look like they are from a time long gone. These are the type of images that the legends of photography might have made decades and decades and decades ago. They don't look like modern scenes.

I used an LG G4 to capture these photographs. A cell phone is a perfectly good photographic tool, just as long the photographer is also capable. I used Google's Snapseed to post-process the RAW files right on my phone.
Railroad Circles - Ogden, Utah
Steam Locomotive Wheels - Ogden, Utah
General Motors Fuel Gauge - Ogden, Utah
And Stop - Ogden, Utah
Steam Power - Ogden, Utah
No. 119 - Promontory Summit, Utah
The Man In Black - Promontory Point, Utah
Old West Steam - Promontory Summit, Utah
A Train In 1869 - Promontory Summit, Utah
Old West Handshake - Promontory Summit, Utah
Golden Spike Ceremonies - Promontory Summit, Utah
Hammering The Last Spike - Promontory Summit, Utah

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