Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How To Free Up Time: Use A Fuji X-Trans Camera - Or, Fuji E-X1's JPEGs Rock!

Brightness & Shadow - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Does your workflow ever get backed up? Does it seem like you'll never finish post-processing all of those photographs from your big trip? Do you ever feel like the task of editing all the pictures from that photo shoot or event is nothing short of daunting? Do you just not have enough time?

I've answered yes to every single one of those questions. In fact, I'm about seven months behind on my RAW workflow right now. I've never felt so buried in the busy work of photo editing. I wish I had a few more hours each day just so that I could have a fighting chance of catching up. And RAW editing just isn't fun for me anymore--it's become so tedious. 

Thankfully I have found a solution to my problem: the Fuji X-E1. This might sound absurd, but this camera has changed photography for me. It's not that my images look all that much different, but my attitude about creating images has changed considerably since this camera arrived last week. Why? Because the camera makes fantastic JPEGs that look a heck-of-a-lot like post-processed RAW files.
Happy Butterfly - South Weber, Utah
I have post-processed some RAW files from this camera, and found that they don't look much different than the out-of-camera JPEGs (not different enough to justify the time spent working on them). A little care to make sure that the JPEG settings are correct, and I've saved myself a ton of time sitting in front of a computer later. 

I'm incredibly impressed with the JPEGs from the X-E1, but I still shoot RAW+JPEG. Why? Because if I goofed and didn't get everything set just right, I can quickly reprocess the RAW file on the camera to correct my mistake. This only takes a few seconds, and makes RAW editing on my computer unnecessary.

JPEG shooting is not new to me. Many cameras do a good job of creating JPEGs if you take the time to set everything up. But Fuji's X-Trans cameras take it to a whole new level. The images look "finished" when they come out of the camera. I don't feel the need to post-process them. This frees me up considerably, and lifts a heavy weight off of my shoulders.

I've enjoyed "just shooting" since the Fuji X-E1 arrived in the mail. I'm not buried in post. I'm not months behind on editing the images. They look great straight out of the camera. In fact, all of the images in this post are in-camera JPEGs. I select the "look" that I want (through the film simulations), customized to my liking, and the camera does the rest. Brilliant!
Super Stud - South Weber, Utah
Sun Shades - Ogden Canyon, Utah 
Mother & Son Cuddle - South Weber, Utah
Wood - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Hanging - Ogden Canyon, Utah
The Joy of S'mores - South Weber, Utah
S'mores Are Great - South Weber, Utah
Canyon Layers - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Hills In Ogden Canyon - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Monochrome Plant - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Blossom By The River - Ogden Canyon, Utah

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