Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weber Canyon Fire

Smoke In Weber Canyon - Weber Canyon, Utah
A wildfire burned in Weber Canyon near Interstate 84 yesterday afternoon. It apparently was started by a Union Pacific freight train. This is near where I live.

I could see the smoke from my backyard, although the fire was about five or six miles away. I grabbed my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 and began capturing some images. The long telephoto reach of the camera made it a good choice for capturing the action. From what I could tell there were two airplanes and two helicopters dropping liquid onto the hillside.

The fire continued to burn throughout the night. This area is known for wind, but thankfully the winds remained unusually calm. As of earlier this morning, the fire had burned 30 acres and was about 10% contained.

The images you see here were photographed yesterday while standing in my backyard. I gave the out-of-camera JPEGs a light post-processing treatment using Alien Skin Exposure X.
Fire Retardant Drop - Weber Canyon, Utah
Water Drop - Weber Canyon, Utah
Firefighting From The Sky - Weber Canyon, Utah
Dropping Red - Weber Canyon, Utah
Smoldering Fire - Weber Canyon
This was captured (handheld) after the sun had gone down.

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