Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Street Photography With The Fujifilm X-E1, Part 1: Black & White

Steps - Salt Lake City, Utah
I've had my Fujifilm X-E1 (and 18-55mm "kit" lens) for almost a month now. This camera is no longer manufactured, and the X-E2s (which is two models newer) is now old news. For those who've wanted to try an X-Trans camera but never found room in their budget (like myself), now is a great opportunity to get a gently used "older" X-Trans like the X-E1 for a really good price. While the camera is four-years old, which, in digital terms makes it ancient, it's actually still a relevant and capable photographic tool.

Street photography is not my "main" genre, but it is something I enjoy sometimes. If you are not sure what exactly street photography is, the best definition I've found is: photography that features the human condition within public places. Note that it doesn't require a street or even a human, but simply (and vaguely) "the human condition" as seen from "public places." Street photography can mean different things to different people.

I've used the X-E1 with the 18-55mm lens attached to capture some street images. It's well suited for this type of photography. I've not had problems with the auto-focus (which was one of the early complaints about this camera when it first came out). Manual focus (and, in turn, zone focus) are easy. All the controls are laid out well--better than other cameras I've used.
Making Sense of Poverty - Ogden, Utah
The camera does well in dark situations (which you run into often in this genre). I've gone as high as ISO 12800 and had reasonably good results. In fact, Making Sense of Poverty was captured at ISO 6400 but underexposed by one stop, and so I pushed it to an equivalent ISO of 12800 after the exposure (I did this in-camera by reprocessing the RAW file).

Out-of-camera JPEGs are great on the X-E1! I rarely post-process my photographs anymore. I love it! It frees up so much time. And I'm not sitting in front of a computer monitor messing with curves and such. This is how photography should be!

Black-and-white images fit street photography especially well for some reason. I often prefer monochrome when shooting this genre. But color sometimes works even better. Part 2 will feature my color street images. For now, enjoy these black-and-white street photographs, all captured with the Fuji X-E1 and 18-55mm lens.
Workday - Salt Lake City, Utah
Glass Roof - Salt Lake City, Utah
The Exact Opposite of Old School - Salt Lake City, Utah
Inside - Salt Lake City, Utah
Walkway Reflection - Salt Lake City, Utah
Dead Plant - Salt Lake City, Utah
Downtown Light Post - Ogden, Utah
Statue Couple - Salt Lake City, Utah

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