Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Street Photography With The Fujifilm X-E1, Part 2: Color

Urban Bicyclist - Salt Lake City, Utah

In the first part of this two-part series I showed you the black-and-white street photographs that I've captured using the Fujifilm X-E1, which I've owned for a little less than a month now. I really love using this camera and it has rejuvenated my photography. I've been creating images like mad, and I feel great about the photographs. And because the out-of-camera JPEGs are so good, I rarely post-process my exposures anymore.

In Part 2 we'll look at the color street photographs that I've captured using the X-E1 and the "kit" 18-55mm lens. This lens is not your ordinary kit lens, but something noticeably superior to any cheap zoom I've ever used before. It's like a sharp prime lens that can zoom. I'm happy to use it, and I don't feel the need to go out and buy something else.

These photographs are all out-of-camera JPEGs. If I had post-processed the RAW files, I would not have made the images look any different. That's one of the amazing aspects of the X-Trans cameras.

I think the color set is a little stronger than the black-and-white set. I really like a couple of the monochrome street images, and one in particular is a favorite, but overall the color photographs are stronger.

I don't get out to shoot street images all of the time. It's fun when I have the chance. Some of my favorite photographs are in this genre. With the X-E1 I may just have to do it more often.
Phone Conversation - Salt Lake City, Utah
Posing For A Picture - Salt Lake City, Utah
The Fragile Kitchen - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Waiting In The Shade - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Time Square Hearth - Ogden, Utah
Maintenance Man - Ogden, Utah 
25th Street Reflection - Ogden, Utah
I Could Use A Beer - Ogden, Utah
25th Street After Dark - Ogden, Utah
Blue Umbrella At The Lake - Antelope Island State Park, Utah
At The Vast Salt Lake - Antelope Island State Park, Utah

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