Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Photoessay: A Night Stroll Through Downtown Ogden, Utah

Behind An Elegant Restaurant - Ogden, Utah
Ogden has a really cool little downtown. It's not big, but there are a lot of unique stores, restaurants, museums and such. There's plenty to see and do. Many of the structures are over 100 years old (some well over).

The place takes on a whole different look at night. The shadows grow deeper. The neon signs come on. Those walking the streets are dressed different. In some ways it's more interesting. And I find it fascinating enough to photographically return.

Sometimes I like to return to the same place I've already photographed to try a better--or at least different--approach. I'm the man who came back, as legendary photographer Chuck Abbott would say.

These photographs were all captured using a Fujifilm X-E1 camera with the "kit" 18-55mm lens attached (which is a better lens than a typical "kit" lens you get bundled with your camera). These were all hand-held and at ISO 6400 (Ghostly Interior was a 1.1 second exposure!). They're all camera-made JPEGs. Enjoy!
Ghostly Interior - Ogden, Utah
Beauty Salon Night - Ogden, Utah
Empty Historic 24th Street Buildings - Ogden, Utah
FRI SAT 8PM - Ogden, Utah
Night Hotel - Ogden, Utah
1967 Ford - Ogden, Utah

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