Thursday, September 15, 2016

Photoessay: Taking My Camera Shopping - Park Station Mall - Farmington, Utah

Crony Capitalism - Farmington, Utah
There's a mall not too far from where I live called Park Station that I sometimes go shopping at. A few times when I've shopped there I've also brought along a camera.

Park Station is one of those outdoor-type malls that's designed to look like a downtown. It almost has an urban feel, yet it is clearly suburban. There are restaurants, tons of different stores, a movie theater, and even a park (with an animated water fountain) and a hotel. I would call it upscale, although that definition is subjective.

There are plenty of photographic opportunities at this mall. There's interesting architecture, reflections, designs, and landscape. I like spending time at Park Station and generally my feelings are positive towards the place. However, there is also an unauthentic sense about it--almost too "Disneyland" or choreographed or fake. And it's in this in-between that I find myself photographically when I visit.

All of these photographs were captured with a Fujifilm X-E1 with the exception of one image, which was captured using an LG G4 (yes, my cell phone). I won't say which is the cell phone image because it really doesn't matter. The Fuji images are camera-made JPEGs while the LG image was a RAW capture post-processed using Snapseed.
Park Station Reflection - Farmington, Utah
Line Forms Here - Farmington, Utah
Curves In Monochrome - Farmington, Utah
Matching Pillars - Farmington, Utah
Water Fountain - Farmington, Utah
Coffee - Farmington, Utah
Plant Leaves In Monochrome - Farmington, Utah
Station Park Sky - Farmington, Utah
Workshop Reflection - Farmington, Utah
Mall Parking - Farmington, Utah
Fountain Square - Farmington, Utah
Park Station Fountains - Farmington, Utah

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