Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stormy Sky? There's Potential For Photographic Magic

Early Autumn On Wasatch Peaks - Ogden Canyon, Utah
I like to be photographically ready whenever there are storm clouds in the sky. Why? Because the potential exists for some really dramatic photographs.

Clouds themselves can add drama and interest in what might otherwise by an empty (boring) blue sky. A building cumulonimbus cloud can set an image apart. Or the underside of a turbulent storm. It could even be a singular small white puffy cloud. Something that breaks up the monotony of a "blank" sky makes a photograph more interesting.
Turbulent Sky Over The Ridge - Ogden Canyon, Utah
But clouds have an additional benefit to photography: making light turn magical. Sometimes--not all the time, but sometimes--a storm can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary just because of what it does to the light. Sunrises and sunsets, in particular, can be much more brilliant during a storm.

The photographs in this post were captured one day a couple of weeks ago. A storm rolled through and I had my Fujifilm X-E1 with me. The clouds were interesting, and the light was just fantastic. When there are storm clouds, be sure to have your camera nearby.
Mouth of Ogden Canyon - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Wasatch Ridge Evening - Ogden Canyon, Utah
An Evening In Ogden Canyon - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Utah Highway Junction - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Sunset At Pineview Reservoir - Ogden Valley, Utah
Pineview Reservoir Evening - Ogden Valley, Utah
Pineview Reservoir Sunset - Ogden Valley, Utah

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