Saturday, November 5, 2016

Daylight Savings Ends - Don't Forget To Change The Clock On Your Cameras

Clock - South Weber, Utah
Daylight Savings Time ends tonight at 2 AM, which means that you "fall back" one hour. Most of your clocks are smart enough to automatically adjust themselves, but you still probably have a few that need to be manually changed.

Digital cameras have built-in clocks, and many of these will not automatically account for Daylight Savings. If you don't remember to change them now, three months from now you'll be looking at the EXIF data and realize that your images are time-stamped an hour off. That's really annoying, so just take a moment today or tomorrow to change the time on your camera's clock.

I've been saying twice a year for several years now that Daylight Savings Time is nothing short of insanity. It's not about the farmers (they really don't care), the environmentalists are convinced it's about them (but it's not)--we do this stupid song and dance for tourism, specifically because when the sun is out later tourists are more likely to part with their money. I've spelled all this out in the past several times and so I won't discuss it further today.
Butterfly Tourists - Pismo Beach, California
These people are why we change our clocks--specifically, so they'll spend more of their money.
But I will talk further about the craziness of pretending that the time is different than it actually is.

Every year we make-believe that the time jumps forward an hour in the spring and jumps backwards in the fall. Of course time doesn't actually do this. Time doesn't jump around. Time is constant. We all just follow along with the crowd pretending that reality is something other than what it is. This is literal insanity.

Why don't we all just pretend that the sun is cold for half of the year? Why don't we all just pretend that the sky is green for half of the year? Why don't we all just pretend that gravity doesn't exist for half of the year? Why don't we just pretend that politicians are honest? That taxes don't exist? That gas is a solid? That rocks are food? That asbestos is good for you? Pretending that the time is different than what it actually is isn't any different.

Some say that time only exists because we make it exist in our minds, but otherwise there is no such thing. However, the universe seems to run on a very predictable and precise rhythm, and the measurement of this is time. Time is a form of measurement.
Forgotten Road Markers - Mojave, California
Imagine if you were driving down a highway and you passed a sign that said "Now Entering Mileage Savings Zone" and the mileage marker jumped from 50 to 52, skipping right past 51. Then sometime many miles later you passed a similar sign that said "Now Leaving Mileage Savings Zone" and then you had to pass two different mileage markers with the number 200. You traveled the same number of miles, but the mileage markers were off by one mile from mileage marker 52 until you reached the second mileage marker 200.

Now imagine people praising this and proclaiming the necessity of it because it saves you a mile. But it didn't save anything because it was an illusion. It was a lie. Our fictitious Mileage Savings Zone and our (unfortunately) very real Daylight Savings Time are no different from each other, and they are both equally absurd.

The good news is that we will be on the correct time tomorrow, as Daylight Savings will end for 2016 in the dark of night. But come next spring the insanity begins all over again.

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