Saturday, December 3, 2016

Finding The Extraordinary Among The Ordinary

Tabasco On The Table - Salt Lake City, Utah
Captured using an LG G4 cell phone.
I think one part of a photographer's job is to find the extraordinary among the ordinary. There are things that people see every day, maybe even 10 times each day, and they fail to recognize the beauty of it or see what's interesting about it. They completely overlook it.

Whatever it is, it's mundane. It's ordinary. There is nothing special to see. People wouldn't look twice at it.

It's the photographer's job to find what is beautiful or interesting about a scene and capture it. It's the photographer's job to see the things that other people don't. You have to show them what they missed. You have to train your eyes to find the things that other people would never see unless it was pointed out to them. You have to be the one to point it out, and you do that with your camera.

Take Tabasco On The Table for example. I found a half-used bottle of hot sauce sitting on a cheap, crooked table in an office break room. It's a sight that can be found across the country in thousands of places. There is nothing special about it. But a window with half-opened blinds provided some beautiful light and shadow play. And isolating the subject from the rest of the room--removing everything that would otherwise be a distraction--draws the viewer into what's interesting about the bottle.

There is beauty all around us if we only look, and most people will not look. Photography is the best way that I know how to show others the things that they should have seen at but didn't. Finding the extraordinary among the ordinary is what photographers do. 

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