Friday, June 2, 2017

Abandonment: Rural Homes - Salt Lake City, Utah

Losing History - Salt Lake City, Utah
I used to photograph abandoned places frequently. I let more than a year go by between this exploration and the previous one. I need to find more abandoned places to photograph!

I think it's an important photographic genre because people should be more aware of how society handles unwanted places (leaving piles of junk and rubble to decay) and because eventually these buildings will be gone forever (there is a limited opportunity to document them). It's also a fascinating and haunting subject, typically full of mystery and unanswered questions.

This particular site is in rural Salt Lake City near the airport. There were two sets of structures on the property: a newer home and garage in the front, and an older home and what might have been a workshop or shed or small home in the back.

The newer home was boarded up, but someone had removed half of the plywood over the door, which allowed access to the interior. Inside was vacant and empty and mostly uninteresting. The roof was open in a couple of places and the elements were taking a toll of what remained.

The garage had some old paint cans and some other remnants that weren't removed, but it was also fairly boring as far as explorations go. The place had been vandalized--windows were broken and walls tagged with graffiti.
Illuminating Decay - Salt Lake City, Utah
The older house in the back was more fascinating. There were some old couches and left-behind junk inside. The front porch had collapsed and looked unsafe to be around. I wanted to go upstairs, but then I spotted some large beehives and evidence of beekeeping, so I left before getting into a sticky situation (pun intended).

I didn't explore the other building, which was probably a workshop or shed or possibly a small guest house. The grass and brush were fairly tall around it, and I didn't need to encounter any wildlife. No, it was time to go.

I have no idea any of the history of these buildings. It would be nice to know when they were built, who lived in them and the story behind the older places in the back becoming abandoned. I will probably never know. For whoever does know the answers, soon those stories will be lost to time, unless they write them down.

A couple of weeks after photographing this place, the newer house and garage in the front were completely leveled. They're gone, and only the foundations remain. I was one of the last people to photograph those buildings. The older buildings in the back are still standing, but their days are very limited, and a sign states that an industrial complex is coming soon.

I used a Fujifilm X-E1 with a Rokinon f/2 12mm lens attached to capture these images.
Abandoned House In Utah - Salt Lake City, Utah
Still, I Love You - Salt Lake City, Utah
Tree of Broken Glass - Salt Lake City, Utah
The Place Had An Air of Neglect - Salt Lake City, Utah
Gate To Indifference - Salt Lake City, Utah
Little House In The Valley - Salt Lake City, Utah

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