About Me

My name is Ritchie Roesch and this is my Blog. I started it March of 2011 to share my photographs and offer photography advice.

My love for photography began as a child when I was given a 110 film camera for Christmas. The quality was poor, but I enjoyed taking pictures of what was around me. Later, my dad gave me his old Sears 35mm camera.

By the time I began college, I was frustrated with the grade of images I was taking. So I enrolled in Photography 101.

I was hooked!

While at college, I had the great privilege of learning from renown photographer Jun Van Cleef. During that time I used black and white film exclusively. When I was not in class or working, I was taking pictures or in the lab developing the film and making prints.

Since college, I used 35mm slide film until spring of 2010, when I switched to digital capture. I had avoided digital photography for several years, but the quality and value increased to a point that I could no longer resist.